I wish you all a great beginning to 2017!

I will start this year with two new video- and music projekt. One collaboration and one solo projekt.

I will also give you some updates regarding my new instrument renovation project. On the final day of 2016 I bought my selfe and old and damage saz and it was made possible by a good friend off mine. Thank you Mattias for finding this instrument. =)

There had been one person looking at this instrument the day before and sadly enough he broke it, not knowing how to handle it. The old man who owned the saz then just wanted to get rid of it, so he sold it to me for 20 Swedish crowns (roughly 2€ or 2$).

It has several cracks and the top is not in good shape. Three of the tuning pegs have been broken i half and I have to replace the nut and the bridge. I think a lot of sandpaper, oil and varnish will make it come alive again and with some new string I would like to get it to sing once more. =)

Stay tuned for more updates regarding both the making of new music videos and instrument resurrection!

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