Niklas Kleberg grew up with music as his trusted companion. The piano, trumpet and base was natural part of his early years, together with his strong urge to sing. After several years of education in natural science and programing, he decided to study music full time, first at a folk high school and then moving on to the Academy of Music and Drama – Gothenburg University.niklas_kleberg_1

Several instruments where added: guitar, percussion, bagpipe, harp and many others. Then his journey as a musician, a teacher and vocal coach began, and he is still going strong. Moving trough several genres he came across folk music and in the warm summer months he i often seen playing the bagpipe and harp with his two fellow musician in Skrål.

As a teacher and programer he developed Musiksmedjan – a interactive classroom for musical students. And now he´s begun the construction of his own homepage, Hear My melody where he will share interesting details of his musical life, his knowledge of recording and filming, and also post music and videos from his own projects and also from collaborations with other musicians.

In his spare time he´s  also a snowboarder, a hiker and family and friends loving man.

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